Our Strengths

Our strengths are exhibited not only through our many years of industry experience, but also through the breadth, depth and extensive knowledge of our internal team and our external partners.

Maintaining strong and varied vendor partnerships allows us to offer the best possible technology solutions for your needs, however it is our specific methodology and services that deliver lasting value.

Blair looks beyond technology – we consult with you to gain a true understanding of your business and your organizational data.  We’re then able to recommend solutions tailored to unique needs.

We take it a step further: we develop and document best practices to ensure the optimum operation of your IT environment which, in some cases, may include selected managed services.

Our committment is to continually seek out innovative products and solutions to suit our clients' ongoing requirements and changing environments. This commitment means:

  • Ensuring that we are always supporting our clients’ entire IT environment through our unique lifecycle management approach
  • Offering the most current and in-demand services
  • Expanding our product offerings based on our clients’ needs
  • Obtaining and maintaining the highest industry educational levels and standards
  • Continued attendance at industry conferences

Blair Business Partners

Blair Technology Solutions brings together an extensive network of renowned technology partners to satisfy your enterprise’s needs.

We have chosen to work with industry-leading technology providers and innovators with one key focus - to support the evolving needs of our clients.