Blair Options for IT Infrastructure



Blair has chosen only the most robust, versatile, highly optimized, and dynamic servers built by industry leading companies including IBM and HPE to ensure that your server’s infrastructure needs can seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing business demands of your enterprise.


Blair Technology Solutions has partnered with IBM, an industry leader, to provide your enterprise with leading-edge technology. IBM products are designed for high-performance computing and management of all of your enterprise’s data workloads.

We have a strong foundation in IBM Power Systems with expertise cutting-edge operating systems including Power i, AIX and Linux. IBM Power are  built with a processor designed for big data and analytics workloads and combines the computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O in ways that are easier to consume and manage. IBM Power is an open platform, offering strong resiliency, availability and security.

As an IBM Premier Partner for over 20 years, you can rely on Blair to provide you with exceptional service and in-depth business insights and expertise, particularly with Power i to help you acquire the most suitable system to match your enterprise’s needs.


Blair Technology Solutions has partnered with SAP HANA to offer your enterprise a resource that has transformed the database industry by combining database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in a single in-memory platform.

SAP HANA operates on a real-time platform, runs powerful in-database analytics, and is designed to run real-time applications, making it the best platform for building and deploying next-generation applications and analytics in real-time.

SAP HANA’s vast speed, essential efficiency and tremendous scale set a new record for the world’s largest data warehouse using the SAP HANA platform and SAP IQ software.

In addition to these qualities, SAP HANA’s architecture can reduce your enterprise’s data footprint, allowing you to save on storage costs.  The platform is flexible and ideal for analyzing multiple data types in both structured and unstructured forms.

With SAP HANA, Blair can help you process large volumes of data rapidly, simplify your ability to access data from a variety of sources, and deliver business results while lowering IT costs.


Blair also works with Lenovo for select storage devices that ensure data availability and protection. We will help you optimize your infrastructure with rack and power options custom designed for System x servers.


With an IT-leading portfolio, place your confidence in HPE and Blair Technology Solutions to provide you with servers to power even the most demanding workloads.

HPE’s Intel processors offer flexible design and customizable options that will support your enterprise in driving improved results. With over 30 years in the industry, the Intel processor provides comprehensive functionality to a variety of servers, desktops and laptops. HPE servers add power to any size workload and provide converged, software-defined, and cloud-ready server solutions.

Blair’s knowledgeable team of experts will create a server solution with the power your enterprise needs.



Blair has chosen storage solutions designed to streamline storage management, scale with data anywhere, and optimize data economics. Built by industry leading companies including IBM, HPE and EMC to ensure that your storage infrastructure needs are seamlessly optimized for performance and availability.


IBM and Blair have partnered to provide your enterprise with industry-leading storage capabilities.

IBM Storwize V7000 Unified and IBM Storwize V7000

Highly scalable virtualized, enterprise-class, flash-optimized storage systems designed to consolidate workloads into a single system for ease of management, reduced costs, superior performance and high availability.

IBM Storwize V5000

The V5000 is a highly flexible, easy to use, virtualized storage system that enables midsized organizations to overcome their storage challenges with advanced functionality.

IBM FlashSystem® V9000

The V900 is a comprehensive all-flash enterprise storage solution. It delivers industry-leading value to enterprises along three dimensions: Scalable Performance, Enduring Economics, and Agile Integration.

It performs better, costs less, and integrates more easily than any other enterprise storage solution and delivers value into your unique data centre environment through scalable performance, enduring economics, and agile integration.

Providing your company with the maximum benefits that IBM’s storage solutions offer, will move your enterprise forward with an enhanced IT infrastructure.

Let our team of qualified and experienced IT experts manage your IBM storage needs to ensure maximum efficiency and proper functioning.


Efficiently store, protect, and manage your information with EMC’s diverse range of storage solutions. With options including EMC XtremIO, EMC VMAX, and EMC VNX/VNXe, depend on EMC’s trusted products to perform at rapid speeds to continuously support your enterprise.

From mission-critical storage and automated hybrid flash storage, to platforms and clustered network-attached storage that scale to your enterprise’s requirements, EMC’s solutions provide a variety of possibilities that will enhance your enterprise’s IT environment.

Place your confidence in Blair and EMC storage solutions, to provide your business with exceptional results and quality service.


HPE’s storage solutions are engineered for simplicity, giving you peace of mind for the well-being of your most valuable data.

HPE’s 3PAR Storage is designed from the ground up to exceed the economic and operational requirements of today’s most demanding data centres. Providing you with a range of models, HPE 3PAR Storage delivers the efficiency and agility required by virtual, cloud, and IT as a service (ITaaS) environments.

Let Blair and HPE storage solutions empower your enterprise with performance, scalability, and availability that delivers.