Blair Options for Managed Services

With over two decades of IT experience, it’s easy to see why Blair Technology Solutions not only knows IT, but leads the way in Managed Services. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with peace of mind through proactive management and continuous improvement of your IT environment. We can identify potential issues before they affect your IT environment’s performance and availability.

Our trusted experts have years of experience across a wide variety of environments, allowing you to focus on your business goals, while we manage the day-to-day maintenance of your critical IT systems and ensure the health of your IT environment.

What makes us unique is our commitment to complete customer satisfaction and our ability to provide highly tailored services that fit the distinctive needs of each client. From basic monitoring, to full-scale IT services, we offer a full range of 7 x 24 Managed Services within a fixed cost plan structure.

We offer an extensive range of solutions to benefit your business including:

triangle-bullet Managed Infrastructure

With decades of experience in the Managed Services sector, Blair is able to bring your enterprise’s infrastructure a wealth of benefits including reduction in unplanned downtime from server and network failures, increased IT staff productivity, and reduced IT infrastructure costs.

Our Managed Infrastructure Services offer enterprise-grade characteristics including:

Comprehensiveness: We monitor specific devices and all of their components. We also provide monitoring of virtualization, applications, servers, databases, networks, and cloud services. Our Managed Infrastructure Services effectively correlates data to provide a complete view of your enterprise’s functions - regardless of the number or type of systems or services in your environment.

Scalability and Resiliency: At Blair, our hosting is provided at an enterprise-grade data centre in a top-tier facility that exceeds the highest commercially available data centre rating. It offers scale on demand, availability and redundancy, certification and compliance, industry-leading service level agreements, and security.

Sophisticated Reporting: Our leading team of Managed Services professionals will ensure your monitoring data is timely and actionable.

triangle-bullet Managed High Availability (HA)

When your enterprise rests on the performance of your servers, downtime can bring devastating consequences. Blair Technology Solutions understands the need for a reliable and comprehensive plan to minimize downtime, which is why our Managed High Availability Services provides your business with the resources and technology that offer you optimal availability and responsiveness of your IT resources.

Our team has built a high level of expertise working with the most demanding of IT environments, where downtime can cost millions of dollars. Our well-planned and expertly executed High Availability solution gives your enterprise complete peace of mind. Our solution provides you with security and compliance requirements, real-time replication of your business-critical systems, and rapid access to full system back-up. An increase in system reliability in your business environment with a comprehensive contingency plan, allows you to maintain focus on your core business with full switchover during planned or unplanned downtime.

We offer customized High Availability solutions that provide the service levels you need while eliminating high costs of downtime.

Here are a few ways Blair Managed High Availability services can help your business:

  • Eliminate or reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Optimize high availability environments
  • Leverage convenient, cost-effective hosting services
  • Gauge convenient, intuitive insights
  • Help guard against issues such as disk failures and network issues
  • Comprehensive power system monitoring coverage, tracking a variety of areas

triangle-bullet Co-Location

Blair provides a secure data centre facility with minimal costs and complexity, making it easy for you to trust that your enterprise’s data is being stored properly.

Our hosting services offer a reliable Tier 3 facility that is guaranteed to safeguard your businesses-critical data. With direct access to high availability and reliable network services, your enterprise will benefit from the consistent uptime these systems will provide. These world-class data centres deliver all of the necessary technology and skills to meet your environment’s unique needs.

triangle-bullet Disaster Recovery (DR) (Warm/Cold)

When disaster strikes, you’ll need to rely on a professional IT team with proven expertise in Managed Services to support and recover your enterprise’s most critical business functions.

Blair’s Managed Services team will ensure that your business is equipped with the appropriate solutions to suit your enterprise and the proper tools to continue operating in the event of a disaster. As part of our DR solution, we offer both warm and cold sites as possible options for your enterprise’s disaster recovery strategy.

Choosing the right DR solution for your enterprise depends on your budget, the sensitivity of your data, the amount of risk you’re willing to take on, and the amount of time that can elapse before fully restoring your business operations.  

triangle-bullet Warm Disaster Recovery

Our warm DR recovery ensures that your enterprise has a ready and configured system to restore your enterprise’s data in the event of a disaster.

The Blair team will work with you to create a warm DR plan that will successfully restore your data, and create minimal impact on your department in the event of a disaster.

triangle-bullet Cold Disaster Recovery

Blair’s cold DR service is simply data centre space, power, and network connectivity that’s ready and waiting for you whenever you might need it. If disaster does strike, our DR team will work with you to configure your hardware and move your data into our data centre to get you back up and running.

triangle-bullet Back up as a Service (BaaS)

At Blair, we know protecting your enterprise’s data is crucial to your business and that being able to successfully recover this data in the event of a disaster is equally important. With our BaaS solution, you can rely on our highly skilled Managed Services team to co-ordinate the management of your back-ups and ensure that your IT systems are functioning properly.

triangle-bullet Cloud Services Powered by SoftLayer

Cloud services allow your enterprise’s infrastructure and storage to reside in an offsite location that is accessible on demand using the Internet. Blair has chosen IBM’s SoftLayer cloud services because they represent the high performance standards you need to support your business. IBM’s cloud services powered by SoftLayer are designed to improve productivity and efficiency in your enterprise with scalable, secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

We are proud to provide you with the highest performing cloud services through SoftLayer. This solution, along with Blair’s expertise, will provide your enterprise with the necessary tools needed to achieve seamless IT resiliency.