Neo4j on Power8 – A Shattering, New Platform for Graph Database Technology

Graph-based applications and data processing have increased exponentially in the last few years as enterprises realize the transformative nature of the intelligent applications made possible by leveraging data relationships in real time.

Neo4j® on POWER8® is the result of a joint effort between Neo4j and IBM engineering to provide the world’s most scalable graph database platform capable of storing and processing graphs of extremely large size all in-memory – shattering all previous real-time scalability limits.

Solution Data Sheet – Neo4j on POWER 8

Neo4j on POWER8 offers a number of benefits to today’s leading enterprises combining realtime graph processing with the capabilities of IBM hardware to scale up and out like never before.


On October 4, 2017, join Neo4j and Blair Technology Solutions for a webinar to learn about:

1. Why graph technologies are essential for the future of increasingly connected data

2. How enterprises such Walmart, eBay, and UBS are using Neo4j’s native-graph platform for a diverse set of use cases, including security & fraud detection, real-time recommendation engines, master data and many more

3. And how Neo4j on IBM POWER8 can scale your massive graph data with real-time graph processing that’s entirely in-memory.