What Keeps Your CIO Up At Night?

Four of the key areas that are paramount to your CIO and what keeps them up at night include:

  • Ensuring the enterprise IT system is scalable
  • Ensuring the enterprise IT system is stable
  • Ensuring the enterprise IT system is secure
  • Ensuring the enterprise IT system provides business flexibility

To help CIO’s address these issues, Blair introduces Managed Systems for Power.  We will help you better monitor your system, provide lifecycle management, reduce risk, and let your CIO sleep at night knowing Blair is managing your IBM Power systems.

To get you started, Blair has developed a document entitled “8 Points to Keep in Mind When Considering a Managed Services Provider to Handle Your IT Needs” that provides a step by step overview on why you should consider an MSP and how having Blair manage your technology responsibilities will reduce IT expenses and increase IT ROI.

After reading this document, you will understand:

  • The importance of receiving access to cutting edge technical skills without the additional costs of hiring additional staff.
  • How you and your business can benefit from an improved IT infrastructure that supports your organization’s core business.
  • The benefits of MSP and how it can be a great option for your business, as it can mitigate business risk and deliver organization-wide peace of mind.
  • The tax benefits that can be realized by converting some capital expenditures into operating expenditures.

Download the document and learn why you need to consider hiring the managed service experts at Blair to manage your Power Systems.

Blair’s Managed Services for IBM Power Systems lets CIO sleep at night.


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