For over 20 years Blair Technology Solutions Inc. has been driven with one key goal in mind: Driving positive business outcomes through technology innovation.

When you work with us you can expect to work collaboratively with our team of experts to identify potential issues before they affect your I.T. environment’s performance and availability. We determine and assess current challenges and opportunities and develop a path to implement the right solutions needed to achieve specific business outcomes.

From our humble beginnings as a one-person operation, selling servers, John Blair has grown the company to become a trusted partner in our clients’ technology advancements.

We have amassed unparalleled knowledge and expertise and created a seasoned team of I.T. experts and certified technicians to provide a suite of service offerings backed by decades of experience and expertise.

What makes us unique is our commitment to adopting relevant technology to ensure we drive positive business results. 

For over two decades, Blair Technology Solutions Inc. has delivered technology innovation solutions to achieve positive business outcomes for their clients.

By leveraging our roots as an I.T. solutions provider together with our drive to embrace emerging technologies and provide a customized solution,  Blair Technology Solutions brings our collective knowledge and expertise to our clients.

Blair Technology Solutions was founded in 1996 by John J. Blair.  Over the following two decades there have been several significant milestones that have marked the growth of the company including partnering with several I.T. providers and expanding the business with two additional offices across Canada.

  • 1998 – Blair became a Premier IBM Business Partner
  • 2008 – Established a Professional Services team
  • 2009 – Acquired Dogstar and opened a Calgary Office
  • 2010 – Opened a Montreal Office
  • 2012 – Started a 7×24 NOC for Managed Services
  • 2013 – Broadened partnerships with EMC, HPE. Cisco and VMWare
  • 2017 – Added Data Lifecycle Managed services and Digital Transformation consulting services

Blair Technology Solutions continues to prove their capacity and capability in mitigating business risk and by implementing thousands of successful solutions for businesses across Canada.


We are driving technology innovation by investing in process improvements, developing relevant business models, and adapting technologies to solve unique business challenges for our clients.


As a smaller team, we have the agility to assess; advise and implement changes quickly – changes that will keep your business relevant and your I.T. environment in pace with advancing technology.


Our foundation is supported by our commitment to complete customer satisfaction and making every effort possible to provide highly tailored services that fit the distinctive needs of our clients.


The Blair team consistently brings unprecedented levels of knowledge, advice and service to the complex I.T. requirements of UAP. Pierre Ouellet, Director, Information Technology, UAP Inc.


You have been a trusted and valued IBM Business Partner. Your firm has distinguished itself by building deep customer value and leveraging IBM technology to solve client problems. You have continued to evolve your skills, business model and offerings as the technology has changed over the past 20 years.“ Dino Trevisani, President & General Manager, IBM Canada Ltd.


[Through our 19-year relationship] every project, consultation and discussion carried expertise with a personal touch that has made Blair services unique and outstanding. We enjoyed every moment [and hope they continue to flourish].” Joseph Kwan, former Director of I.T., Cinram International Inc.

For over 20 years Blair Technology Solutions has been driven with one key goal in mind: Driving positive business outcomes through technology innovation.