With over 20 years of expertise delivering high availability, back-up, and disaster recovery solutions, you can place your confidence in Blair Technology Solutions to create strategies that ensure optimum resiliency for your business.

Our team is aimed at providing professional solutions, top quality advice and industry-leading partner products that offer you optimal availability, avoid costly downtime due to unplanned outages, and increase the responsiveness of your I.T. resources.

Do you know if your data is adequately protected?

Not sure where to start in building your High Availability Plan?

Is your data protected against Ransomware Attacks?


Disaster situations, as well as human error can threaten the always-on availability of the services that drive your business. You really can’t risk losing the critical data that drives these processes or you face the consequences. You need a backup and recovery solution in place that protects your critical business data from all threats – whether it’s a file that was deleted accidentally or a complex service restoration that spans multiple clouds, geographies and platforms.

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At Blair, we understand the importance of deploying a platform that will grow and scale with your business. By approaching backup in a holistic way, we ensure the solution supports the legacy platforms in which you have invested, and also supports newer technologies like virtualized infrastructures and the cloud.

Our strong vendor partnerships allow us to offer the best possible technology solutions for your needs, but it’s our methodology and services that deliver incremental value.

Blair looks beyond technology – we consult with you to gain a true understanding of your business and your organizational data. We’re then able to recommend a backup solution that will protect your business from data loss and its consequences. In some cases, our recommendation may include selected Managed Services. And we take it one step further: we develop and document best practices to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your backup solution.

Do you know if your data is adequately protected? 


Think about how much your business relies on technology – from sales and customer service to strategic planning, accounting and human resources activities – your I.T. infrastructure is essentially the backbone of your organization. In our always-on society, downtime is simply too risky and the damage it causes goes beyond monetary cost, it also affects the reputation of your business.

As such, your I.T. system must have a solid High Availability (HA) plan to avoid loss of service by reducing or managing failures and minimizing planned downtime. The best High Availability solution for your enterprise is dependent on a number of factors including business type, size, industry and I.T. drivers, in-house technical capabilities, and budget. Blair works with hundreds of enterprises across Canada to help them develop and implement an HA plan ensuring that the systems critical to their organization will continue to provide optimal service.

Not sure where to start building your High Availability Plan?


In today’s high-risk environment, disruptions are inevitable, yet your business needs to be always on. As hybrid I.T. becomes the new normal, it’s likely your production environment is a blend of in-house and external data centers, public and private clouds from various providers, and siloed legacy systems. This complex I.T. service delivery chain creates multiple points of potential failure, making it harder to get back to business if disaster strikes.When it comes to disaster recovery or data protection, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are one of the most important parameters.

Blair can help you mitigate the impact of unplanned disruptions so you quickly respond and resume operations after an I.T. outage. We provide simplified, predictable disaster recovery (DR) solutions for complex, hybrid environments that are flexible, cost-effective and aligned to regulatory compliance requirements.

How much data can you afford to lose?




45% of businesses surveyed experienced downtime and data loss.

— Vision Solutions

Blair’s disaster recovery solution saved us from an event that might been a $50 million dollar hit.

— Toni Scott, CTO, DEF International

For over 20 years Blair Technology Solutions has been driven with one key goal in mind: Driving positive business outcomes through technology innovation.