Big Data has become characteristic of every computing workload. From its origins in research computing to use in modern commercial applications spanning across industries, data is the new basis of competitive value. The convergence of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics, and High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) is the next game-changing business opportunity. It is the engine driving a Cognitive organization with Data as its fuel.

But extracting insights from the growing data is very challenging. The journey towards a Cognitive and Learning organization requires investments in high-performance systems and solutions: servers, storage, networking, accelerators, software, etc. As these systems deliver greater performance and capabilities, they can progressively turn data to predictive, actionable intelligence and the best outcomes, maximizing business value.

IBM Power System HPC solutions, built with IBM® Power Systems™, IBM® Spectrum™ Computing, IBM Spectrum Storage™, and IBM Software technologies, and solutions from the OpenPOWER foundations, provide an integrated platform to optimize your HPC workflows, accelerate compute and data-intensive tasks with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), leading to a cost-effective path to scale through the Cognitive Computing journey from Data to Analytics to Learning.

Growing data volumes and constantly changing business demands?

Difficulty to adopt new technologies such as Spark and containers in production environments, without hurting runtime of existing applications?

Can’t respond instantly to support real-time data intensive and compute intensive workloads?




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